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February 20, 2023
MyCandidate Nigeria is an open source platform that provides access to information on who is running for public office during elections.

Welcome to the MyCandidate user guide. We’re here to answer your questions on how to use the MyCandidate Nigeria platform as well as the associated data that we’ve used to make the platform possible. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send our support team a note at or directly on MyCandidate Nigeria using the feedback button on the right hand side of the screen.

An screengrab of the My Candidate Nigeria landing page with the locate me button and type address link.
Search options as displayed on MyCandidate Nigeria

What is this Platform? 🛠️

MyCandidate Nigeria is an open source platform that facilitates ease of access to information on who exactly is running for public office in Nigeria’s 2023 elections. Elections in Nigeria are conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which is the body responsible for organising and overseeing the electoral process in the country.

Find the list of candidates in your constituency 🔎

Relying on an exhaustive list provided by the INEC, citizens are able to find out who is running for office in their constituency using their location or using a known address. Clicking the “Locate me” button illustrated in the graphic on the left will return a complete list of public office aspirants for Federal (25 Feb 2023) and State elections (11 March 2023). With both the General and State elections happening within a month of each other, we’ve made both Federal and State election candidate information available on the platform. The list of candidates for the Federal election include a list of individuals running for Presidential, House of Representatives and Senate positions, and can be accessed by tapping the button labelled “Federal Election” on the results page as indicated in the image below.

Federal and state buttons on MyCandidate Nigeria, with the button for State Election candidates selected.

A full list of aspiring candidates for Nigerian State elections can be accessed by clicking the “State Election” button on the results page, the list includes individuals running for House of Assembly and Governorship positions. Selecting the “State Election” will turn the button white — indicating the list that is currently displayed, the “Federal Election” button will be transparent — indicating that it is currently hidden, and vice versa.

Learn more about each of the candidates in your constituency 👤

Candidate information as displayed on MyCandidate Nigeria

The complete list of public office aspirants for Federal and State Elections is available on MyCandidate and allows you to find out who you can vote for in your constituency with ease. Clicking the candidate’s name will give one access to the candidate’s detailed profile (age, gender, constituency, qualifications) and publicly available information on them via a Google Search. The candidate’s publicly available information can be accessed by selecting “Candidate Biography”

How to give feedback 🗣️

We are constantly trying to make improvements and corrections to the MyCandidate platform, and we very much welcome your support and feedback. If you spot any errors in the data, missing data points, or have suggestions about how we can improve the platform, feel free to reach out to us using the feedback button on the platform website, or you can @ us on Twitter @OdipoDev, @Orodata and @OpenCitiesLab.

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