Co-creating Durban Answers
Sophie McManus
May 22, 2017
We’ve been running our #AskDurban campaign for about 2 weeks now, and we’ve gotten quite a few interesting submissions of “how-do-I” questions about Durban. But while we’ve gotten a number of submissions, there are many of you who have absolutely no idea why we are asking people to submit questions and an even larger number of people who have no idea we are even running any sort of online campaign. Huh? Ask Durban what? Who? Why? No thanks, I’m good.

But the truth is, if people understood how amazing Durban Answers is going to be, and how our #AskDurban campaign is a step towards building and re-writing a “wiki” for Durban, I think people would be much more inclined to take a few minutes to submit a question. So, here is a slight re-cap of what we’re trying to do with our #AskDurban campaign and why:

Starting to make sense? Ever heard of the Accountability Stack? Probably not, but in short, the premise is that if people have better access to information about their city and their government, and more tools for voicing when something is going great, or something isn’t right, then progression towards accountability and transparency is inevitable. That is the driving purpose to Durban Answers. Better access to information makes for a better functioning Durban. People in Durban acting to create a better future city for people in Durban.

Call to Action:

We really need your help. Durban needs your help. We need your questions in order to make this thing work. And we know you’ve got them. Don’t be shy, there is no wrong question.

Submit a question via Twitter:Tweet to @durban_answers

Our next step in this process is to take a stab at actually ANSWERING these questions. The format for this is what we’re calling a “WRITE-A-THON”…sort of like a marathon but with writing. Make sense?

Here’s how things will go:

On Saturday 3rd of June, we are hosting our first of many WRITE-A-THONs at the GREEN DOOR from 9:30 AM — 1:00 PM. REAL questions that citizens have submitted via our #AskDurban campaign will be posted up on the wall. Once the bell rings, we’re all systems go — attendees will be asked to pick between 5–8 questions off the wall that they can answer or are at least willing to try to answer. The goal is to have 100 ANSWERED QUESTIONS.

But we really need your help. As an already active citizen of Durban, most likely with a captive audience specific to your role or interest, you have a unique ability to drive more awareness about the Write-A-Thon, and motivate people to take part in something that will really change the way people LIVE, WORK, PLAY and BE in Durban.

So here is the next CALL TO ACTION:

Share the link to our meetup with anyone, or invite them via Facebook that has a lot of local knowledge to share about Durban, anyone with a keen interest in the city and its functionality and anyone who loves research and is a sponge for information.

Then ROCK UP with your laptop and your game face on.

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